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No walls

The architecture is so different from home.

71 °F



It was fascinating to me how few walls or doors there were. I noticed it as soon as I got to the hotel. There was no front door, it was just an opening. I noticed this happening a fair amount as we toured around. The buildings would just open up into the outside as if there were no difference. I am from cold country - it would never happen. The wind would blow things in. You would not be able to work in the temperatures in either the cold of the winter or the heat of the summer. It was an odd thing to get used to. Nice, but different.

We were there to celebrate the graduation of my nephew. My mother takes the grandchildren on a trip for graduating High School and Connor chose Hawaii. It was such a nice break from the winter here in Montana. Even when it was raining it was wonderful there. We only had a couple of days there. We stayed at the Outrigger at Wikiki Reef

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